Borromeo, non sei nessuno

Ricordate la vecchia associazione Borromeo? Beh, in America c’è qualcosa di simile, ma non è una trollata:

The ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP) is dedicated to investigating and reporting on the impact of the American culture on the integrity, self respect, and coping skills of youth, and inherently on family unity and values. The CAP system uses the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ as the standards for conducting investigations.

Le valutazioni dei film sono bellissime, da perdercisi proprio. Una a caso, quella di The Aviator, di Scorsese:

The adult Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) is also shown fully nude prancing about in the middle of the show. PG-13 indeed! And how many Academy Award nominations is it? Five? Rather revealing of the American entertainment diet, eh? Or at least the standards of those who decide which films earn awards. I suppose a lot of people will try to excuse such behavior as “art” because it is in a high powered movie. And because it is the “truth.” Such abuse may be true of Hughes’ life but that truth does not excuse the demonstration of such “truth” in and as entertainment.


Altro che Morandini, tzè.

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